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$1.9 million Deferral

April 8, 2020

  • First fiscal was about engaging the system and formulating a better understanding of where the system needed support in developing OER.
  • Lots of relationship building through meetings with VPAs, Deans, Instructors, Staff and in particular the Advisory Boards
  • Research and Environmental Scans were conducted to help identify needs and thus where funding would then be distributed for new fiscal.
  • $490K of the $2 million is deferred for secondment salaries (for project managers to build relationships, determine system needs, manage granting process, advise grantees on projects, ensure project completion (JIBC and BCIT- they invoice BCcampus quarterly)) and Regional Reps (who work with specific regions where institutions are not well resourced to determine needs, provide information and advice, advocate for Open Ed, coordinate learning events and direct to educator and leader supports)

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