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NameTitleContact Information
Tim CarsonProject Manager

Term II Project Page

Advisory Group Members

GroupOrganizationNameSubject Matter Background
Province Association / AuthorityAESTKim BuchananMinistry of Adv Ed

AESTAvery BonnerMinistry of Adv Ed

Trades Training BCPat MatthieuProvincial Curriculum Development

ITAAnita HandreganDirector, Program Standards and Assessments

BCCATA?Guy Ellis(information only - not on committee)
FacultyVIUSally Vinden (AC)Hairstylist

BCITChad FlinnElectrical

BCITMark Deroche (AC)Chief Instructor, Motive Power Division

BCITBryan Messer (AC)Chief Instructor, Millwright

TRUPaul SimpsonPiping (plumber/steamfitter/sprinklerfitter/gasfitter)

TRUDarren WattHeavy Equipment

TRUHaileigh ShanksWelder

CamosunBrian Coey (AC)Sheet Metal

CamosunOlaf NielsenChair, Trades Development & Special Projects (chair of Western Diversity Committee for Trades)

College of New CaledoniaMandy NewcombCulinary Arts
Trades Union(s)
Instructional Designer(s)
Librarian(s)VCCElena KuzminaE-resources, Collections and Open Resources Coordinator

Okanagan CollegeRoss TynerDirector of Library Services
Women in Trades (W.I.T.)
Recent Red Seal Endorsement
Terence ChanPlumbing Contractor
  • (AC) - indicates member is the chair of their respective articulation committee

Project Charter



Project Manager

Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training and BCcampus

Partners include advisory group, working group, articulation committees, in addition to project sponsors

eCampus Ontario have begun a similar process and it is our intention to collaborate with ON to co-develop resources in alignment with BC standards

ITA and Trades Training BC

In scope:

Develop entire suite of freely available resources including textbooks, test banks, homework assignments and other ancillary resources to replace costly commercial educational resources.

Out of scope:

Multiple phases to development to address all identified needs.

Reduce education costs, increase student access, and attract students to programs that meet provincial labour market needs.

Impact more than 38,000 students enrolled in trades training programs across BC

Create collaborative working relationship with Trades Training BC and ITA

Provide new high quality technological teaching and learning option for instructors to use in trades training.

Increase learning flexibility

Reduce cost of learning resources for students.

  • Second trades instructor to BCcampus to better understand the culture of the trades as it pertains to open, lead advocacy and adoption

  • Create advisory group of trades instructors, ITA and Trades Training BC
  • Liaise with eCampusOntario
  • Map a sustainability model to ensure curriculum renewal of materials, funding for updates and developments in collaboration with Trades Training BC
  • Capacity Building for trades instructors to integrate and use OER in trades training

The target audience includes Trades Deans, Trades instructional staff, instructional designers, students.

Target audience includes approximately 38000 students currently enrolled in BC Trades programs.

4. Risks and Planning8. Requirements7.Budget
  • Key risks include limited sector engagement with timelines
  • In addition, requirements exceed the scope of the project
  • Another identified risk is limited advisory and working group engagement and collaborative development processes
  • The development of OER in the trades will eliminate textbook and learning resource costs throughout entire programs.
  • All material created for this project will have a Creative Commons licenses.
  • All material created for this project will be openly shared for other jurisdictions, institutions, faculty and students to use.

Overall budget is $500,000.00 including all administrative fees and staffing costs.

See budget details below.

High Level Project Budget

See Chart of Accounts for Budget allocation

Updated Budget April 8, 2020

Budget ItemExpense
Salaries and Benefits: Project Management$200,000
Travel and Meals: In person meetings and conferences$30,000
Meetings and Events: In person meetings$20,000
Contract Services: Curriculum Writers, Editors, SME$200,000
Project Fees: 10% Admin Cost$50,000



First Quarter

June-August 2019

Second Trades instructor to BCCampus

  • Create an advisory group of trades instructors, ITA, and Trades Training BC
  • environmental scan of Trades resources
  • investigate interest towards a consortium or conference for 2020 which highlights OER/OEP
  • design a journey mapping exercise with recent red seal grads
  • reach out to Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (supporting women in trades - SWIT)
  • reach out to Indigenous Training Groups (eg, ACCESS)
Please add key dates and items that are relevant for an announceable

Second Quarter

September-November 2019

  • conduct first advisory group (AG) meeting
  • begin meeting with Deans / Associate Deans
  • identify those trades ready to adopt an open stance (getting closer after our first AG meeting - potential for a couple initiatives for a couple smaller trades {hairstylist, millwright, sheet metal} - will put more thought to this)
  • possibility of conducting a three-pronged approach to contracts this Quarter (articulation group initiatives / institutional partnerships / individual special projects associated with ZTC) - more thought to this over the next week
  • attend Trades articulation meetings (Attended; hairstylist)
  • conduct journey mapping with recent RSE grads
  • prep possible proposals for OER contract work
  • planning 1st OER for Trades Symposium in 2020.
  • build liaison with eON
  • Planning on conducting 'regional' OER 4 Trades symposiums - looking at 4 regions right now; Vancouver Island, South West (Lower Mainland-Fraser Valley), Central BC, Southeast (Kootenay region). Still looking at conducting them in the early spring (April) but also trying to connect it with a local institution's OER week. - created a 'child' page to plan and track
  • OER for the Trades grant proposals - adjudication
  • Notify applicants of outcomes
  • Notify Erin re: mar-com
  • write a short blog post re: my reflections with the first round of applications and first projects


Third Quarter

December 2019-February 2020

Initial set of draft resources developed

  • final planning stages of OER for Trades Symposium
  • strategize on how best to utilize region reps for relationship building and promoting the Summits
  • investigate swag/merch options for Summit
  • first stages of proposal awards for resource development
  • begin research for collaborative paper - Removing Barriers to Online Learning through a Teaching and Learning Lens


Fourth Quarter

March - May 2020

  • successfully launch the first OER for Trades Symposium or successful launch of 4 regional symposiums
  • attend articulation meetings
  • second stage of proposal awards for resource development - possible larger grants with a focus on institutional partnerships
  • begin mapping a sustainability model - continuing the conversation with TTBC/ITA
  • resource development / edit

Trades Grants Distributed

TermProject NameLead Author(s)Trade DisciplineTarget Completion DateInstitutionFunding Amount
1 - 2019Math for the TradesMark Overgaard, Chad FlinnPlumbing, ElectricalFeb 1/2020BCIT10,500.00
1 - 2019Basic ControlsAaron Lee, Chad FlinnElectricalFeb 1/2020BCIT10,500.00
1 - 2019Line F2 (2 Chapters)Michelle Nakano, Betty CunninHorticultureFeb 1/2020KPU7,000.00
1 - 2019Welding Level 1 (Foundations)David DruryWeldingFeb 1/2020VIU7,000.00
2-2020Math for the TradesMark Overgaard, Chad FlinnPiping, ElectricalDec 31/2020BCIT15,000.00
2-2020HVAC basic electricalAaron LeeElectricalSept/2020BCIT5,000.00
2-2020Line F2 (2 Chapters - complete F2 line)Michelle NakanoHorticultureSept/2020KPU5,000.00
2-2020Welding Foundation LevelBruce NeidWeldingSept/2020CMC5,000.00
2-2020Hair Colour Line F13,14,15Sally VindenHairstylistDec 31/2020VIU10,000.00
2-2020Sheet Metal Level 1Brian Coey, Antonio HenriquesSheet MetalDec 31/2020Camosun & OC25,000.00
2-2020Industrial Mechanic Level 1Bryan MesserMillwright (Industrial Mechanic)Dec 31/2020BCIT25,000.00

**there will be separate pages created for each Grant Project in Term 2-2020**

TTBC and BCcampus MOU


  • TTBC, ITA, and Queens Printer
    • June 17, 2019:  really good meeting with Pat, Guy and Jim today. They are totally on board with working with us but there will likely still be some conversations needed with ITA and Queen's Printer.  Pat is going to put together sort of a workplan. She's struggling a bit because their process has been governed by what Open School and QP so is unsure of what things actually cost to do (I said our experience had been the OS is slower and more expensive). Anyway, those are the broad strokes. We think an MOU would be fruitful, and they are excited about announcing the partnership as well. Great stuff!!

    • Following up on that conversation - I had an interesting chat with Pat (Aug 9) re: the possibility of a pan-initiative for future resource development - have been invited and will attend a planning mtg with TTBC's Jim and Guy and hopefully begin to flesh this out a bit more. The biggest obstacle from Pat's perspective is sustainability.
    • Follow Up - Pat and I will be meeting Sept 9 at BCIT DTC, she will be showing me the enviro-scan she did prior to her launching the instructor resource project.
  • Olaf Nielsen from Camosun asking about "WD" - had a great meeting one-on-one with Olaf to discuss partnership ideas between CAF (Canadian Apprenticeship Forum), Western Diversity (committee which Olaf chairs), and BCcampus. Olaf has asked me to sit on his committee to represent BCcampus, I accepted.

ZTC for the Trades

  • had our first advisory group meeting and several initiatives come into focus with regards to moving forward;
    1. Working through articulation groups - there has been considerable interest from three articulation group chairs that their group would be ready to answer a call for proposals (Hairstylist / Sheet Metal / Millwright)
    2. Institutional Partnerships - in talking with several Deans there seems to be a keen interest in partnering with us/and other organizations to create the maximum leverage possible. Partnerships with TTBC are paramount here, with some emphasis on partnering with OER working groups from different institutions.
    3. Individual Contracts - in light of our recent OER team meeting there might be an opportunity to 'tap' a couple of faculty members to inquire about developing resources that would supplement ZTC initiative (eg. webinars, videos, instructor resources)
  • there is also the possibility of cross-pollination when it comes to assisting other portfolio projects fro other areas. Eg. - homework systems, STEM, search-ability - this would need to be fleshed out in greater detail but could provide more opportunity for the those we contract/partner with.
  • the resounding sentiment from the meeting was we should focus on developing student resources particularly with those trades that have little or extremely outdated materials.

Gap Analysis (Sprint/Design Thinking)

  • talked with two articulation chairs about the possibility of BCcampus hosting a sprint/design thinking style gap analysis of their newly harmonized provincial outlines.
  • received very positive feedback from both and will pursuit conducting these two activities in Jan/Feb.
  • will develop a budget, agenda, and targets for each session
  • this will highlight areas of top priority when it comes to curriculum development and moving towards a ZTC position with both trades.
  • Millwright will be a tougher situation as their current resource is being looked at by one institution's Dean as a possible revenue source for the Millwright Dept.
  • Hairstylist currently does not have a common or standardized curriculum set and each institution has historically built their own.
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