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NameTitleContact Information
Clint LalondeProject Manager

Project Timeline

July 2018 - June 2020

Timeline sent to Ministry (December 2019)

2020 H5P OER Development

Advisory Group

Agnes d'EntremontUBCSenior Instructor, Mechanical Engineering

Michelle HarrisonTRUInstructional
Kyle MaddoxDouglasStudent (Computer Science)

Levente OrbanKPUPsychology Instructor

Will EngleUBCStrategist, Open Education Initiatives

Brendan HunterLangaraCourse Materials Supervisor, Bookstore

Devon Keys

BCNETBusiness Analyst, BCNET

Josie GrayBCcampusCoordinator, Open Textbook Collection &

Project Charter 



Project Manager

Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training and BCcampus

Advisory group, students, project sponsors.

In scope:

Development of, or technical contributions to, a FIPPA compliant Open Homework System or Systems, exact features and functionality to be determined by Advisory Group in early stages of the project.

Development of, or contributions to, training materials to support the OHS.

Development of, or contributions to, technical deployment guides for the OHS.

Development of, or contributions of, content (ie questions) for the OHS.

Out of scope:

Formal summative assessment functionality. Examples include; development of summative testing materials that require extensive protection and/or release processes to ensure integrity of a formal assessment. While OHS should provide formative feedback for self-assessment and/or additional instructor guidance, developing a formal summative assessment tool and/or summative content is out of scope.

Replace high use, high cost commercial homework systems used within the BC post-secondary system with open source alternatives.

Develop discipline champions and communities who can further steward the open source options once the project ends

Inform and educate system about financial costs of homework systems on students.

An open homework software system or systems that can be used to replace commercial publishers systems.

Target audience for initiative includes those who make decisions around what homework systems are used, including;

  • faculty & instructors
  • Department heads and/or department instructional committees
  • Instructional Designers

Additionally, if we are dealing with open technologies, an important secondary audience includes those responsible for the deployment of IT at their institutions, including;

  • IT Directors & managers
  • BCNET (for shared services)
Risks and PlanningRequirementsBudget

Key risks include;

  • Limited sector engagement within timelines of project
  • Requirements exceed the scope of the project
  • Limited advisory and working group engagement
  • Limited support for hosting open source solutions within system (BCNET engagement)
  • All materials, code and software created for this project will be openly shared for other jurisdictions, institutions, faculty and students to use, either with an open software license (for code and software, exact type TBD) or a Creative Commons license.

Overall budget is $700,000.00 over 2 years including all administrative fees and staffing costs.

See budget details below.

High Level Project Budget

See Chart of Accounts for Budget allocation

Budget Update April 8, 2020

Budget ItemExpense
Salaries and Benefits$230,000
Travel and Meals$57,900
Meetings and Events$62,000
Printing & Promotions$7,500


Technology - Infrastructure$20,000
Contract Services$40,000
Office & Supplies$900
Project Staffing Recovery$200,000
Project Admin Fees$70,000



July-Sept 2019

  • Define scope of project by defining Open Homework Systems
  • Develop project plan
  • Develop project budget, based on information at hand
  • Define terms of Advisory Committee (AC)
  • Identify & reach out to potential representative stakeholders for AC
  • Scan wider OpenEd environment and develop list of potential external partners
  • Project initiation that reinforces the need for the project (Krista's research) to the post-sec system


Oct-Dec 2019

  • Identify system disciplines and course areas where homework systems are in high use.
  • Identify what commercial systems are in wide use in high use disciplines and courses.
  • Identify which commercial products we will be displacing within the system
  • Initial meeting with Advisory Group
  • Determine what open textbooks in existing collection could be enhanced with the addition of homework type activities
  • Identify open source alternatives to commercial systems, both STEM and non-STEM
  • Announcement of Advisory Gropup

Jan-March 2019

  • Engage BCcampus Dev/ops to create a development plan that will include:
    • scope potential development work
    • identify technical gaps and functional fixes/features for OSS systems
    • create a development roadmap for the chosen OSS systems to address any feature or functionality gaps with the systems
    • begin to develop relationships with OSS community stewarding the selected projects
  • Develop content development strategy for chosen systems (ie sprints or other supports for content development)
  • Revise budget based on information gathered to date
  • Develop pilot hosting strategy for chosen systems
    • Develop a pilot institution scope and terms around stipulation that pilot must displace commercial offering
    • Develop evaluation criteria for pilot institutions
    • Begin searching for potential pilot institutions
  • Announcement of what OSS platforms we will be recommending, developing, and supporting

April-June 2020

  • Secure pilot institutions for both STEM and non-STEM systems.
  • Begin development, including engagement with existing OSS community to coordinate contributions of code and documentation back to OSS community
  • Begin executing content development plan
  • Begin promoting systems
  • Develop and/or source training resources for pilot institutions
  • Announcement of pilot institutions
  • Possible announceable around collaborative content development (aka sprints)
22July-Sept 2020
  • Continue technical development plan (iterative based on feedback from pilots)
  • Continue content development plan (iterative based on pilot feedback)
  • Continue to develop and/or source training resources for pilot institutions
  • Begin piloting systems with institutional partners
  • Develop operational plan & strategy
  • Announcement of displaced costs from pilot institutions
23Oct-Dec 2020
  • Work to set up and support pilot institutions for Jan 2021, including developing support models for pilot users
  • Complete development plan
  • Continue to develop and/or source training resources for pilot institutions
  • Continue piloting systems with institutional partners
  • Announcement of displaced cost from pilot institutions
24Jan 2021-March 2021
  • Complete final pilots
  • Finalize operational plan

31April 2021-June 2021
  • Compile evaluation data from Winter 2021 pilot institutions
  • Author and release report of findings of pilot, including possible next steps for the sustainability of initiatives, based on pilot findings
  • Enact Operational plan
  • Disband Advisory Group
  • Report to Ministry
  • Announcement of final evaluation report and recommendations for next steps
  • Announcement of continued operations (if operational plan successful)

Deliverables Completed & In Progress

ProductOwnerLead InstitutionFunding AmountFinal Project Links
Carnap: Philosophy Open Homework SystemDavid GilbertUBC$13,000.00

TRU: Comparison of Math Open Home Work System

Alan Levine and TRU

Shirin Boroushaki


Commercial Homework System Use in BC

External Contractor$5000 (was originally $10k)
Accessibility Review of Math OHSJosie Gray and Clint LalondeBCcampusn/a (in ternal)
BioMech WeBWorK questionsRobynne NewellUBC$3000In progress

Round 1 H5P

Vital Signs H5P adaptationKymberley BontinenDouglas College$10000In BCcampus Open Textbook Collection
Psychology H5P adaptationSimon LolliotUBC$10000In final editing
Introduction to Writing H5P adaptationBrenna Clarke-GrayTRU$10000Due Feb 28
Introduction to Biology H5P adaptationMichelle Nakano & Charles MolnarKPU & Camosun$10000In final editing
Intro to Tourism H5P adaptationRebecca Wilson-MahRRU$10000Due Feb 28
Round 2 H5P

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