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Sept 3, 2019

  • first ZTC program at VCC - Short certificate AUTOCAD

August 13, 2019

Suggested Announceables sent to Ministry

Student Savings of Open Textbooks have surpassed $13.7 million

  • Notable that this represents a huge return on investment from the Govt.
  • Total govt investment since 2012 has been $2.25 million + $3 million = $5.25 million


Adult Basic Education Open Textbooks- Providing Access to students and alleviating the workload for Instructors

Currently, many instructors pull together free resources and readings for their students. They may utilize library offerings, an in-department or classroom library or free internet resources so that their students don’t have to buy textbooks. These efforts are greatly appreciated by ABE students. 

We hope these new textbook and resource offerings, which are aligned with the ABE Articulation Handbook, will help to alleviate instructors need to seek out and pull together free resources for their students. Some of the open textbooks also include interactive activities embedded in the resources using H5P. There are also a number of ancillary resources in development. 

These resources are being developed across the province with faculty members from 8 different institutions producing the resources that will be released this fall. 

  • Provincial Math Algebraic Open Textbook (Option 1)
  • Provincial Math Algebraic Open Textbook (Option 2)
  • Provincial English Open Textbook (Option 1)
  • Provincial English Open Textbook (Option 2)
  • Provincial Education & Career Planning - Student Success   Open Textbook
  • Provincial Chemistry Open Textbook
  • Advanced English Open Textbook
  • Advanced Math Algebraic Open Textbook (Option 1)
  • Advanced Math Algebraic Open Textbook (Option 2)
  • Intermediate English Open Textbook
  • Intermediate Science Ancillary Resources
  • Fundamentals Adult Literacy


BCcampus and Trades Training BC Partner to reduce the barrier to Trades Education

  • TTBC partnership - in final stages of the MOU. Have meeting next week with TTBC and BCcampus to define process, should be signed by end of next week.

Trades ZTC Targets

  • Millwright
  • Sheet Metal
  • Hairdressing

Health ZTC Targets

  • Health Care Practitioner
  • Practical Nursing
  • Primary Care Paramedic

VCC launches first ZTC - AUTOCAD Short Certificate


Open Homework Systems

  • Recent research shows that students pay on average $92 per course code toward a home work system
  • four B.C. post-secondary institutions will spend a combined $3.7 million dollars this fall on access codes to online publisher resources.
  • Showcases why the government is actively investing in this area

BC and the State of New York MOU on increasing access to education for students

  • Bccampus and SUNY MOU to break down cost barriers for students through open education
  • Co- development and sharing of resources across the areas of Trades, Health, and STEM
  • We can showcase the combined student savings of $28 million for students in both jurisdictions
  • BC and SUNY collaborating on sustainability practices for institutions


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